More fun with photo software

FotoSketcher - P4190457



From my window…


3 thoughts on “More fun with photo software

  1. Hi Neil

    Just came over via JB’s mention of you in his latest post, and want to pass on my compliments for the continuing quality of this blog. However….

    I have to tell you that these eyes find it nearly impossible to read some of the text colours used. (I had to guess, then highlight to make sure, the location of the ‘Leave A Comment’ link, for instance. And that painfully interesting review of the Alice Springs reading skills: I had to again highlight and drag block by block to get the text with sufficient contrast for easy reading.)

    Please take this comment in the spirit intended. It is ‘reader feedback’ not ‘malicious criticism’ of your output. I know my eyes are my problem not yours, but having only a couple of weeks ago invested in new glasses (two pairs actually – one for close work, one for driving) I think I’m operating at current max. efficiency – yet still missing out on ‘stuff I find interesting and well written’.

    Best regards

  2. Unfortunately there is little choice about text colours in free templates — some more than others. Each is a compromise. This template accommodates a picture size and column width I wanted, and has a large font. True it is a rather light grey in the body text. I will take time to review my template choice, however, after your comment to see if I can find something that answers your criticism — which I do appreciate. Mind you, if I do change Jim will accuse me of being unstable again! 😉

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