Sydney High memories

A conversation at Yum Cha at The Steelers last Friday with Chris T about the New Theatre in Newtown led me eventually to the Sydney Boys High site. I was trying to track down the name of a colleague there who had long association with that theatre. I succeeded, but also found:




Yes, the staff in 1986.  Tess Kenway on my right.  The full pic is linked to a larger original with names.

See also Class of 1986 please note: you’re getting old! (2011), My archaeology (2008), Famous ex-Miners (2006: The Mine being code for SBHS, particularly when I was still working there), Surry Hills 37: Sydney Boys High Moore Park, aka “The Mine” (2008),  and comment on The HSC English moanings of Miranda… (2007).

Hi Neil

Various little things tripped me finally, in a free moment today, to pop “Neil Whitfield” into my Google search box.

Partly I think it was driving past where the British Lion used to be, and commenting that “my English teacher” took me to that pub – it may just about been the first time I went to a pub since I would have only just turned 18. It was also some discussion about “who was your most influential teacher” – well, I think many influenced me in many ways, but there are those I remember fondly and who gave a lot to me at a time when it counted.

Your classes in 1986 in preparation for our HSC 2 unit English were a real standout. There were many great memories, but in particular, “The Sh*t poem”, your readings in Welsh, and the way we all agreed that Dicken’s Great Expectations was how should I say, of poor quality. (There’s another link – I was musing with colleagues today whether JK Rowling would be set for HSC English anytime soon, since she had some commonality with Dickens – though I think she’s a more entertaining writer!)

I agree with your comments on (yet another) of Miranda Devine’s poorly researched, badly written vitriolic diatribes. I can scarcely bear to read her “writings” (as a friend once quipped “Miranda Devine is to journalism what Rock ‘n Roll Wrestling is to sport”.) Don’t get me wrong, I like reading alternative views – as long as they are well researched, tilt towards the truth, and not full of nasty remarks. (Perhaps Rowling based Rita Skeeter on her?)

I was interested to note your having religion – something new? Don’t recall it at school.

Feel free to peruse (some of) my life at [no longer available] , though not so nearly as organised and detailed as your excellent site, and now that I look at it, kind of out of date. I am not really a blogger at heart….


Chris Jones