More on the Hunters, and Horace Martin

In yesterday’s post about cousin Irma Martin (1916-2013) I used this photo taken at Dulwich Hill during World War I of the Hunter family.

According to a genealogical site:


  • Born: 2 JUN 1846, Kirkby Thore,Westmorland,England
  • Baptised: 12 JUL 1846, Kirkby Thore,Westmorland,England
  • Died: 20 JUL 1912, Dulwich Hill,N.S.W.,Australia
  • Buried: Rookwood Cemetery,Sydney

married 31 DEC 1867, St Michael,Appleby,Westmorland — Isabella Ann NELSON 

  • Born: 1845, Bongate,Appleby,Westmorland
  • Baptised: 30 DEC 1845, St Michael,Appleby,Westmorland
  • Died: 23 JUL 1925, Dulwich Hill,N.S.W.,Australia
  • Buried: Rookwood Cemetery,Sydney

They had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Anne HUNTER
  2. Mary HUNTER
    • Born: 15 AUG 1870, Middlesborough,Yorkshire
    • Died: 5 JUN 1872, Middlesborough,Yorkshire
  3. Margaret Jane HUNTER
  4. John Henry HUNTER
  5. Nelson HUNTER
    • Born: 29 DEC 1876, Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
    • Died: 2 AUG 1878, Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
  6. Isabella HUNTER
    • Born: 7 APR 1879, Goulburn,New South Wales,Australia
  7. Emily HUNTER
  8. Ada HUNTER
  9. Thomas HUNTER
  10. Mabel HUNTER

Ada Hunter was my grandmother, my mother’s mother, and wife of Roy Christison. Mabel was cousin Irma’s mother and wife of Horace Martin. My mother’s middle name, which she suppressed, was Isabella. My own name could have been Nelson as the uncle Neil Christison after whom I am named was originally Nelson.


I remember Aunt Margaret, married to Charles E. TREVOR, a baronet, so the story went – a title that was treated by some of us with a fair amount of derision.


But the story about the baronetcy was true, except Charles was a second son!


Elizabeth Anne Hunter had married one Albert Boyne in 1891. My father for some time just before World War 2 worked for their son, Cyril Boyne, who was a Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.


And my mother kept in touch with the Wheeldons, the family of Emily Hunter, well into the 1960s and perhaps even beyond.

Thomas Hunter had a son, Harry, born in 1923/4 who was killed in New Guinea in 1944. I do recall hearing this mentioned at some time.

And am I right in thinking that the patriarch, Henry Hunter, was an engine driver? Certainly seeing Goulburn mentioned in that family tree brought back stories Grandma Ada told me about him and Goulburn, and his being crippled with arthritis partly as a result of time spent in the cab of steam locomotives.


Kirkby Thore, where Henry Hunter was born in 1846. The station, now demolished, opened in 1862.

So many half-recalled stories and such scope for someone to do some detective work.

I certainly remember being told that the old lady, Isabella, centre in that photo, spent her last years imagining she was in Westmorland again.

Back to Horace Martin, Irma’s father. I find him mentioned in connection with Adamstown Public School (Headmaster 1935) and, funnily enough, Mount Hunter (1916).